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High Performance

Surrender To Change specializes in transformational performance breakthroughs that accelerate leadership development and produce superior outcomes. We offer coaching, training and consulting services that promote individual and organizational excellence.

Upward career mobility, profound career satisfaction, creativity, innovation, behavioral flexibility, powerful collaborations, strategic high-quality decision making, and improved KPIs are some of the rapid results that follow.

Added Bonus: The results extend beyond the professional life!

Are you ready to leap to new heights and experience yourself like you've never done before?

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“The next stage in leadership development is the evolution of consciousness. To become aware of how you experience the world and respond to it is one of the initial steps in learning how to effectively run your human operating system.”

Carol Ann Knight

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Individual Excellence

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Career Advancement

You're a hard worker - there is no doubt about that. You have the experience and education yet promotions and raises elude you. You've checked all of the right boxes and done all of the right things but you aren't making any discernible career progress. You're stuck! It's time to take control. Our Career Advancement program can get you to the next level in your career.

New Direction

You've achieved career success yet a nagging sense of discontent is present. You seem to be losing your edge along with your motivation to succeed. On paper, everything looks great but a career-life fog is upon you, and you've started to wonder if this is the right path for you. It's time for clarity, purpose and creation. A New Direction awaits you.

Exquisite Performance

Self-awareness, situational awareness and social awareness are some of the initial steps in waking you up to how you experience the world and respond to it. These are some of the essentials of personal leadership which helps you align your behavior with your intentions, improve your performance, and create extraordinary outcomes. It's all part of our Exquisite Performance Program.

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Organizational Excellence

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Leadership Development

AI2: Authentic, Innovative, Adaptive and Inclusive

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Rave Reviews

Happy Clients

Your thoughtful advice during one of the lowest point of my career life was a game changer. At a time when I was doubting my capabilities, with confidence at the lowest level ever, your encouragement, and positive outlook helped me regain my true self. You are the best as far as motivating and coaching, and I am really grateful for that. I have since regained my self-belief and moving ahead with my goals.

Mark - Jersey City, NJ

Carol Ann was able to guide my fiancé and I through the process of negotiating our exorbitant hospital bills after the birth of our son. Her guidance was invaluable. Not only was her encouragement and support just what we needed, she also had important tips for us to use in the negotiation process. As a result, we were able to negotiate our bills down 30% which was very important for us as the savings we achieved can now be applied towards our little one and the small wedding ceremony we hope to have this coming Spring.

L&B - New York, NY

Encouraging, Genuine, Supportive without prejudice, Insightful, these are just a few of the qualities that makes Carol so unique. She's easy to talk to and at the end of a call, I feel fulfilled and more relaxed (probably because I leave with answers or a game plan). Carol actively listens and then asks you a few questions to help guide you to the right approach/solution. When needed her advice is great, always thoughtful and has never failed me, truly a rare skill.

ER, Long Island, NY

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