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Carol Ann Knight is an inspirational speaker, a change agent, and a trusted advisor who often asks, “Who are you when you are most being yourself?” She beckons you to draw near, invites you to look within, identify who you are at your best, and encourages you to live, move and breathe from this central place.

Carol Ann has always been fascinated by human potential and this interest grew even further when she began working for some of the top global consulting firms early in her career. In this fast-paced environment, she saw first-hand how self-awareness and the management of the cognitive-emotional state impacted the performance and success of her colleagues, both at work and at home.

To deepen her understanding, she became certified as a Hypnosis and Neuro-linguistic Programming Master Practitioner. She also pursued training in  behavioral, cognitive and somatic-based areas to identify how people are internally organized, the body-based markers of high performance states, and the essentials of elite performance.

As Carol Ann mentored her colleagues, she noticed that many of their breakthroughs occurred when they accessed deeper levels of consciousness and/or felt "whole." She deliberately started to help them tap in to a state of wholeness (i.e., pervasive well-being), and saw that their feelings of want, lack or limitation dissipated; they were more prone to make choices for the greatest good of everyone. From this level, Carol Ann linked their state to their behavior so that they took consistent action towards achieving their desired outcomes and goals.

This led Carol Ann to expanded her studies to include spirituality, the zero point field, healing modalities, meditation and mindfulness. In 2009, she became an ordained minister in New York City.

Carol Ann bridges perennial wisdom, neuroscience and human potential in her coaching and consulting practice. She assists her clients in evolving their consciousness for this is a surefire way towards creating an extraordinary life, performing masterfully, and successfully managing uncertainty, change and the unknown. Carol Ann is a strong proponent of integrating the instinct of the gut, the intellect of the brain and the wisdom of the heart. She lives from a place of “What’s possible?”

Carol Ann has a degree in Mathematics from Cornell University and has spent the first part of her career working in Actuarial Healthcare Consulting and Insurance.

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